Vjenceslav Terzić

Vjenceslav Terzić

Vjenceslav Terzić has studied Finance at the University of Osijek, Graduate School of Economics and Business. After receiving his Degree, he passed the exam and worked as an estate manager for a short time.

He started his private equity career in 2001 as an investment manager at SEAF Zagreb Office, a private equity group headquartered in Washington DC, which was among the first private equity companies that was active on Croatian market. During the 5 years in SEAF, he gained extensive experience in private equity business. His responsibilities included financial statements analysis, market research, company valuation, investment structuring, negotiations, investment documentation preparation and supervision of the realized investments.

In 2004 he passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program and specialized private equity training at EVCA (European Private Equity Association) in Barcelona.

In 2005 he founded his own company specialized in advising private equity companies.

He came to Quaestus Private Equity in 2006 on the position of investment manager, where he continued his improvement in investment valuation, structuring and supervision. He also completed financial modeling training at Euromoney in London. He currently holds the position of managing director.